about us

Oxley Holdings Malaysia is a lifestyle property developer engaged in the development of residential and commercial projects in different parts of Malaysia. 

We are passionate about architecture and we want to transform our dreams of building a new age concept within finite spaces into reality.  Our goal is to shape the city’s landscape by creating vibrant developments through the incorporation of retail elements and other lifestyle features and eventually allow investors to capitalise on their property investments. 

We are committed to offer the young and trendy homebuyers and entrepreneurs quality living developments, as well as revolutionary office premise to small and medium enterprise owners.  Oxley’s developments are typically located in choice areas that are easily accessible and feature prominent lifestyle elements. 

Oxley Holdings Malaysia is backed by its parent company, Oxley Holdings Limited, with a market capitalisation of more than S$2 billion and has developments in the UK, Cambodia and China.  This includes Royal Wharf, a township development in the East of London and The Bridge, the first SOHO development in Phonm Penh, Cambodia.